563. Change brings power – with Monica Berg

The models that we’ve had in the past for loving ourselves, loving our family, and loving our lives have completely changed. In her latest book, “Rethink Love,” Monica Berg challenges everything we know about our belief systems around love and relationships. The more perspective that you can have, the more powerful you are in your life and the more connected you feel.


Question Highlights:

  • Are you using a lot of the tools you came up with in your first book?
  • What if people feel like fear is a part of their personality?
  • Why did you focus on love for your latest book?
  • When do you know that it’s time to leave a relationship?
  • How do you move from fear to possibility?


Guest Bio:

Monica Berg is a CHANGE JUNKIE and she wants to challenge the way you think about EVERYTHING.

In her first book, FEAR IS NOT AN OPTION, she challenged readers to eradicate fear from their lives. In her latest book, RETHINK LOVE, she uses years of personal experience teaching and counseling to eradicate false belief systems around love and relationships.

Monica is a mother, wife, sister, teacher, and friend, who integrates all that she is into her mission and as Chief Communications Officer of The Kabbalah Centre, she integrates her personal mission with this ancient wisdom.

Monica was born and raised in Louisiana before moving to Los Angeles. At 17, she began studying Kabbalah and knew very quickly that this was her path, eventually leading her to the serendipitous meeting of Michael Berg, her now-husband of 21 years. 

During her teen years, Monica developed an eating disorder that grew into a five-year battle with anorexia and body dysmorphia. With her recovery came a better understanding of the disease and a passion to help others. 

However, it wasn’t until her second child was born that Monica had to reevaluate her own belief system. Her son, Joshua, was diagnosed with Down Syndrome shortly after his birth, which was life-changing for Monica and her family. The diagnosis led to Monica’s credo, “In change, there is great power,” and the choice to believe in the beauty and potential of who her son could become and subsequently who she could become. 

Monica aims to challenge people and encourages them to reframe what they think they know and she’s seen the results of rethinking first hand. Monica learns from her students as often as they from her. “I’m inspired by everyone that I come into contact with,” Monica says, “Everyone has something valuable to share and we can derive meaning from each encounter.”

When she’s not writing, lecturing, or working with students at the centre, Monica contributes her time and voice to Habitat for Humanity and Something For Kelly. While she is passionate about helping all people feel empowered, she is especially committed to organizations that support women, particularly those with a mission focused on overcoming eating disorders.

Monica currently resides in New York City with her husband Michael and their children David, Joshua, Miriam, and Abigail.  Her second book, Rethink Love,  will be out on February 11, 2020.