571. Going ALL IN with Real Housewife Teddi Mellencamp

Whether you love or hate the show Real Housewives, you have definitely heard of it. And that probably means you’ve heard of today’s guest Teddi Mellencamp. We met at a personal development conference a few years ago and I learned about her health program, ALL IN by Teddi. Her current profession as an accountability coach and fitness influencer arose from her desire to help others achieve healthier lifestyles after discovering a tried-and-true way to unleash your best self. We talk about the different things that she’s dealt with while filming the show, the different life challenges we are facing right now, and how you can have a strong backbone and get clear about what’s important right now, and how to keep moving forward no matter what.


Question Highlights:

  • How is the pandemic we’re going through now going to affect the way you make decisions moving forward?
  • What are the conversations like in your household?
  • Does your mind compartmentalize all of your accomplishments?
  • What is true for you around purpose or creating purpose?
  • How has seeing people change during your program changed you?
  • What’s a strength that has moved you forward in your life?
  • What’s on the other side of being authentic?
  • How do you decide what is good feedback and what isn’t?
  • How do you filter the criticism and feedback you get?
  • How do you detach yourself from other people’s opinions?
  • What is one of the biggest learning lessons for you?


Guest Bio:

Born in Bloomington, Indiana and raised in Hilton Head Island, SC, Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave made a name for herself at a young age as a competitive equestrian, later incorporating that fierce competitive drive and spirit into her current profession as a much sought out lifestyle and accountability coach, as well as tackling the ups and downs of filming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Teddi’s love of horses and the sport of equestrian started at the age of 4, as she soon found herself traveling all around the country to compete in various prestigious horse shows with the venerable Don Stewart Stables. She quickly rose through the ranks to be awarded several national championships, culminating with Teddi winning the stakes class at Madison Square Garden in her final year competing as a Junior.

Teddi relocated to Los Angeles at 17 where she worked at CAA and UTA before returning to her passion of equestrian riding and training. In 2009, she was named World Champion Hunter Rider winner as an emerging professional. But after having kids, Teddi went from professional to amateur and currently competes on horses owned by Balmoral Farms; in 2016 she was named Reserve Champion World Champion Hunter Rider in the Adult Hunters category.

Teddi’s current profession as an accountability coach and fitness influencer arose from her desire to help others achieve healthier lifestyles after discovering a tried-and-true way to unleashing your best self. Struggling with a fluctuating weight her entire life, Teddi found after her second pregnancy and 80lb gain that the weight didn’t come off as easily as it once did. Her riding career had taken a backseat to motherhood and the life/ work balance just wasn’t there for her. She realized that she needed to change her lifestyle, find her passion and really hold herself accountable for her actions to develop a healthier way of living.

All IN by Teddi first started out as Teddi reviewing various fitness classes in the Los Angeles area on Instagram. As she worked to get fit, her following grew and her purpose quickly morphed into Teddi giving fitness advice and urging her followers to become the best versions of themselves possible through self-accountability. While not a certified fitness instructor or nutritionist, Teddi developed a program that gets results for anyone and works with her clients to see them through their struggles to become happier and healthier. All IN has become the next burgeoning lifestyle brand, with Teddi now managing 40 coaches, all of whom have gone through the program, with a roster of clients across the US and Canada in the 1000s and a continual waitlist. More information on All IN can be found at www.allinbyteddi.com

When she’s not being a super mom or changing lives, Teddi can also be seen on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, with her third season due to air this spring. After one season on the show, Teddi instantly connected with the fans due to her strength, positive attitude, and willingness to be open and truthful with her struggles. Not only did this help with her growing business, but it also led to Teddi’s rise as a social media influencer, going from 10K Instagram followers to over 500K in the course of a year, and now over 800K.

In 2019 Teddi launched her podcast with iHeartRadio, Teddi Tea Pod. Each episode centers around a different topic that Teddi deep dives into, from open marriages to motherhood and relationships, featuring experts on the subjects to answer all of her burning questions.

Teddi and her husband Edwin Arroyave, CEO and founder of Skyline Security Management, Inc., live in Los Angeles and have three children: daughter Slate, son Cruz, and in February welcomed a baby girl. Teddi is also a stepmother to Isabella, Arroyave’s daughter from a previous relationship.