575. Reach BIG goals with these 5 things – with Aisha Marshall & Des Dickerson

Meet the team that’s behind the logo, branding, and marketing for my new beverage company Lite Pink, Aisha Marshall and Des Dickerson. These women are some of the most talented and gifted I have ever met, and we’ve been having an amazing time collaborating. We talk all about how we’ve grown from this relationship, the genius behind their business and marketing, how their experience in our Fast Foundations program that helped them grow and scale their business, and the five secrets they learned to scale effectively. The things they share are going to blow your mind.


Question Highlights:

  • Did you have an a-ha moment working with me and Lite Pink?
  • What were you thinking when you joined our Fast Foundations mastermind?
  • What are the five tips for scaling your business?


Guest Bio:

Des Dickerson


Des has an eye and passion for production. She has worked behind the scenes of major TV shows and networks such as The Dr.Phil Show, Lifetime, HGTV, and YouTube. Des knows what is visually appealing to an audience. This is why creating successful marketing campaigns and visually appealing digital content is her forte. Podcast and video production is her niche, and she loves being able to bring a clients vision into an audio/visual reality.  When Des isn’t working behind the scenes, she loves kickboxing and photography.


Aisha Marshall


Creativity and Aisha go hand in hand. Having worked in creative development and its impacts on digital strategy, she has adopted a special niche for finding the most unique visuals for clients. Aisha is an Arizona State alumni, having a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication and a Juris Doctor from ASU’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. Aisha was also a former  ASU Spirit Leader, and she still enjoys dancing in her free time.