578. 5 things she did to 4x her business – with Jenn Kennedy

On today’s “quickie” episode, I have a special guest, Jenn Kennedy! Two years ago, she didn’t know what the word “entrepreneur” really meant, but she became one through the process of helping people. As she went through the journey of losing weight and improving her health, she documented the whole process and was hit up with questions constantly. Before she knew what she was getting into, she had a coaching business. We’re going to share five tips that entrepreneurs need to do to up-level in their business.


Guest Bio:

Jenn Kennedy is an entrepreneur, coach, speaker, and CEO of Impact to Income. 

Jenn became an entrepreneur simply by helping people. As she documented her health and weight loss journey, women started asking her for help. She started teaching and helping women finally lose weight and heal their relationship with food. Before she knew it, she had a business. As her nutrition coaching business quickly grew, she closed the door to her 8-year career as an elementary teacher and principal in training.

Just over a year later, after watching online coaches struggle with making the money and impact they were meant for, she built Impact to Income. Now, she teaches and mentors coaches and entrepreneurs to grow their impact, scale their income as a result, and live the life they dream of.  

In just a year, she has scaled her business to a half a million dollars and has impacted hundreds of men and women across the world. The foundation of her success continues to be built on her bulletproof mindset, her relentless drive to impact people’s lives, and her daily practice to have more fun.

She fully believes that we are all here to create an impact in the world. She’s on a mission to guide men and women to live in their true personal and financial power and live the life they dream of.