632. Do Business Your Own Way – with Jayde Nicole

Jayde Nicole blows my mind and rocks my world. She started out as a model and actress and quickly figured out that she was very business savvy. But when she started investing in different businesses, she wasn’t taken very seriously — and when that finally hit a tipping point, she decided to start her own company. Today, she’s one of the owners and founders of Sugar Taco, a vegan restaurant that is completely woman-owned. She is such a visionary, and the way she thinks is going to rock your world.

Question Highlights:

  • What is it that you’ve started and how did it come about?
  • How did you navigate the challenge of getting your voice heard?
  • What are the takeaways that were painful in the moment but paid off?
  • How did the relationships you built come to fruition later on?
  • How do you vet your investors?
  • What do you tell first time investors?
  • How did you manage the fear and stay cool?

Guest Bio:

Jayde Nicole is a vegan, environmentalist and animal activist.

Jayde seeks to educate people on the seriousness of protecting our environment, our oceans and the animals we share this planet with. She participates in and organizes beach & ocean clean ups, volunteers at the marine mammal care center, and educates people on how to reduce their impact on our environment through social media. Jayde created her dog rescue, EDL Foundation in 2013 but her love of all animals has been with her for her entire life. At the age of five she informed her mother in a way only a five year old can do, that she would no longer be eating meat, and so began her path to help as many animals as she could. Her move from small-town Port Perry, Ontario to Los Angeles, California, which is overwhelmed with dog shelters, helped to focus her efforts towards helping dogs. EDL seeks to educate people on pet population control, animal adoption, and proper care. They rescue dogs abandoned and neglected at kill shelters as well as homeless and displaced  pets. EDL rehabilitates these dogs and then helps find them their forever homes.