650. How to Know Exactly What Your Purpose Is

Are you ready to get some serious clarity on your life’s purpose? Because Sahara Rose is going to show you how it intertwines with everything that you do. Not only is she a bestselling author and thought leader, but she’s also a dancing queen that’s just trying to raise the vibes on this planet! She’s here to help show you your dharma so that you can blossom into your highest self and embody your fullest expression. She makes ayurvedic knowledge accessible to the masses, so get ready to be filled up with spiritual wisdom!


Question Highlights:

  • What is dharma?
  • What do you say to people who are apprehensive about expansion?
  • What are the different types of dharma?
  • What does it feel like to lean into all sides of yourself?
  • What do you cover in your book?


Guest Bio:

Sahara Rose is an ancient soul in a modern body. She has been called “a leading voice for the millennial generation into the new paradigm shift” by Deepak Chopra, who wrote the foreword of her books. She is the best-selling author of four books, including the upcoming Discover Your Dharma. She also hosts the Highest Self Podcast, the #1 spirituality podcast on iTunes with over 25 million downloads. Sahara is the founder of Rose Gold Goddesses, the sacred sisterhood collective all about embodying the goddess within.

She is a keynote speaker, speaking on stages at Google and Facebook, as well as being featured as the nutrition speaker for Michelle Obama's Let's Move Campaign at Harvard Medical School and in Vogue, Forbes, NBC, and more.