672. How to Believe It’s Possible for You, So You Can See It in Reality – with Jamie Kern Lima

Without Jamie Kern Lima in my life, I’m not sure that I’d be starting my company right now. She’s a cheerleader for all women and has so much belief in people. Her personal story is a billion-dollar success story when the cosmetics company she founded was sold to L’Oréal and became the first female CEO of one of their brands in history. Her new book “Believe It” is a must-read if you have big dreams, and she’s going to ignite your soul on fire and remind you that anything is possible.

Question Highlights:

  • How did you feel when you released your book out into the world?
  • Can you share a story of rejection?
  • How can we connect back to why we started something in the first place and stop comparing ourselves to others?
  • What do you tap into to keep going?

Guest Bio:

Jamie Kern Lima started IT Cosmetics in her living room and grew the company into the largest luxury makeup brand in the country. She sold the company to L’Oréal in a billion-dollar deal and became the first female CEO of a brand in its history. Her love of her customers and remarkable authenticity and belief eventually landed her on the Forbes America’s Richest Self-Made Women list. Today, she’s a mother of two and an active investor, speaker, and thought leader who is passionate about inspiring and elevating women. She’s also an active philanthropist who has donated over $40 million in product and funds to help women face the effects of cancer with confidence.