Episode 69: QUICKIE! How To Become SUPERHUMAN

“If you can accept the worst that can happen to you and live with it, then you will become Superman/Superwoman. You can do anything because your mind doesn’t get in your way.” -Bob Parsons

Creating the Bliss Project event was like entering into the world of the unknown. Coming from a solely fitness background, surrounding my career around mindfulness and the ability to teach it unto others, was at first, a scary thought.

“Why would they want to listen to me? Where will I find my audience?”

But I accepted the “worst” that could happen. Maybe no one would listen at all? Maybe no one would come? Guess what….This event has become my biggest prize possession thus far and we have sold out the 2017 event in just weeks of launching tickets!

Face your fears, find your superpower and fly with it!

“I’d rather a life full of ‘oh wells!' than ‘what if’s?'” -Unknown

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Acceptance
  • Constant growth
  • Facing fears


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