695. Coping With A Public-Facing Life with Becca Tilley

Becca Tilley is in a season of complete transition right now, which makes it the perfect time to talk to her. Everyone reaches this point in their life eventually: where they’ve been known for something for so long, and now they have to start from scratch as a beginner. And it can be scary! Known for being on The Bachelor, she naturally began to gravitate towards the influencer space where she now has over a million followers. She shares what it was like dealing with the spotlight, how she cultivated a positive online community, and what her hopes and dreams are for the future.


Question Highlights:

  • What are you known for and what are you doing now?
  • What are some of the coping mechanisms you use to get through things?
  • How did you create such a wonderful community?
  • How do you make quicker decisions in your life?
  • What are you doing to support the future version of yourself?
  • What is a question that you wish more people asked you?


Guest Bio:

Becca Tilley is a television personality, podcast host, and style & beauty influencer. A Louisiana native, Becca was quickly put into the public eye after appearing on Seasons 19 & 20 of The Bachelor. Now you can listen to Becca on her iHeart Podcast, “Scrubbing in with Becca Tilley and Tanya Rad,” where she covers everything from dating and relationships, to her love of Grey’s Anatomy, and anything that falls in-between. Scrubbing In won the People’s Choice Award in 2018 and 2019 for Best Pop Podcast.