698: Coaching Call with Shanae Kidd of Girl Hi Boutique

In her early 30’s, Shanae Kidd got to the point where she was asking herself “What do I really want to do with my life?” Just getting out of a bad relationship and feeling a serious lack of confidence, she wondered what to do to find herself. She took the steps to get her MBA, but still wasn’t feeling fulfilled. What really made her feel good was making women feel empowered and confident in their own skin, and that’s exactly why she started Girl Hi Boutique. I know you’ll find yourself in this story, you’ll hear yourself in Shanae, and be able to apply my advice to your situation.


Shanae Asks:

  • What is the most underrated but powerful strategy for building a brand for free?
  • How can I reach my audience on their own platforms?


Guest Bio:

Newly settled in Phoenix, Arizona by way of Salt Lake City, Utah, Shanae Kidd is a corporate woman with a deep passion for fashion and running her online dress boutique. Girl Hi Boutique is a one-stop dress shop with the goal to create confidence via clothing. Her brand slogan states it proudly, Dressing Confident Girls for Every Occasion.  Girl Hi Boutique can be found on social media, @girlhiboutique, and online, www.girlhiboutique.com.

Girl Hi Boutique was created on Shanae’s discovery of self-love, one of her sincerest lifelong accomplishments. Combining her love of fashion and her understanding of the power a dope outfit brings, how it can instantly boost your mood and confidence, inspired her to help other women feel great, too. Something special is in each and every Girl Hi Boutique dress named in honor a woman in Shanae’s life.