707. Own, Manifest & Monetize Your Future W/ This Training, with Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi is one of the most famous success trainers, authors, and financial educators of our time. He recently launched the book “Millionaire Success Habits,” which shares what makes the most successful people in the world different — and how you can become one of them! He’s devoted his life to educating people on how to live a better life, and that’s what he’s going to do for us right now. He shares how you can monetize your message to take control of your future.


Question Highlights:

  • Why is it so important for people to monetize their message and control their future?
  • How do people identify their message or experience within themselves?
  • Can you shed some light on imposter syndrome?
  • Would you tell us about your new challenge?


Guest Bio:

Dean Graziosi is a multiple New York Times best selling author, entrepreneur, and investor. He has started or played a major role in over 14 successful companies that have changed lives all around the world – including the new Mastermind.com platform. His mission for over 20 years has been to deliver self-education to those seeking transformation, fulfillment, and success outside the traditional education path. 

His most impactful project to date included the largest online product launch in history, a program he co-created with Tony Robbins called Knowledge Broker Blueprint. This world-class course continues to impact over 38,000 people in 150+ countries and 4,100 niches to share what they know and help make self education the new norm. Dean is now planning to exponentially widen his impact by serving over 1 million new people and exposing them to the self-education industry through his Own Your Future Challenge with Tony Robbins in May 2021. 

Dean lives in Paradise Valley, AZ with his wife Lisa and his three children.