708. Simple Ways to Create Passive Income

Every person needs a passive side hustle. This is not negotiable. It’s important to build something that pays you when you’re not working, instead of your income requiring a large  investment of your time on an ongoing basis.

Your financial goal should always be to get to the point where, if one of your income sources disappeared tomorrow, you would not have to change your lifestyle. Most people aren’t there yet, but a passive side hustle — not a busy, time-consuming, expensive side hustle — is the way to get there.

One of the greatest opportunities for creating a passive side hustle right now is course development. The way people want to learn is changing forever. They want to move straight from Point A to Point B, and that’s what courses do for them. They’re not as intensive to build as people think, and once it’s launched, it will start selling while you sleep.

It’s time to take your future into your own hands. The world is too dynamic to rely on just one source of income.