709. Q&A: Finding Clarity

Welcome back to Questionably Awesome! Today, Evans and I answer your questions about playing small and finding balance.

Cornelia Baum asks: Tips on finding the balance (or I like to say, finding harmony) as you're ‘bootstrapping.' I'm at a point in my business where the old way isn't bringing in enough cash flow… partially because of COVID and partially because of my own burnout. I'm so lit up about the direction I'm going and what I'm creating… but constantly caught up in the band aids (side jobs) I've created to pay the bills, rather than focusing on my business and this new direction.

Chrissy Kunkel asks: I have been playing small in my interior design business and recently raised my rate. Where I'm struggling is with comparison. I'm seeing counterparts who have far less experience doing amazing things and really cool projects. I feel like my jobs suck in comparison, and I can't seem to break away from looking and staying in my own lane. How do you stay the course and not feel like you suck all the time? How can you channel this energy to grow instead of setting you back and making you feel inferior and loser-ish?