711. Coaching Call with Kellsie Moore of Be Marvelous You

Being on camera is the easiest way to connect to your audience online, but conveying your own inner confidence in yourself and your message can be a little harder. Kellsie Moore wants you to look your best and show up as your truest self on camera, no matter what. She’s wondering how she can take her business as an on-camera coach to the next level, and whether or not event speaking should play a role in that growth.


Kellsie Asks:

  • At what point, and how, do I switch to mostly or only paid speaking gigs?


Guest Bio:

Kellsie Moore is a top video performance coach helping high-achieving entrepreneurs to become their best selves in life and on camera! Her unique, insightful expertise is rooted in her work both as a professional actress and personal development professional working in the corrections industry. As a digital CEO, she empowers personal brands to optimize their on-camera presence with authenticity, excellence, confidence, and charisma to better connect and convert online.