721. Facing Your Fears Is the Secret to Growing Your Biz: Coaching Call with Jennifer Parrot of Locks & Mane

Jennifer Parrott had struggled with her hair her whole life. She started getting extensions when she was 15 years old but she could never find a product that was all-natural, cost-effective, and non-damaging. She put together a business-plan, but put it on pause when she became pregnant with her son. While on maternity leave, she decided it was now or never and finally took the leap. Fast forward to today and she’s featured in several national retailers and still expanding! She asks how to embrace fear and discomfort, and how much she should be sharing online. We also talk about how her experience when her son contracted leukemia led to a whole new, philanthropic side of her business.


Questions Asked:

  • I know you’ve talked a lot about embracing fear and I completely subscribe to the notion that everything great sits on the other side of our fears. Can you share some tips on how to get through those uncomfortable moments and manage anxiety, as well as how to keep embracing and moving towards the things that scare us the most?
  • I really struggle with how much I should share about my personal and professional life on social media. On one side, I feel like I should keep so much private – especially the really messy stuff (i.e. skirting bankruptcy more times than I’d like to admit, how hard it is to ‘balance’ growing a company, and trying to be a good mom, wife, friend, etc.). On the other hand, I feel like it’s so important to share the bumpy road that it’s been. What are your top tips for building a personal brand? How do you manage to do such an amazing job focusing on your businesses as well as your personal brand?


Guest Bio:

Jennifer Parrott is a mom of two and the founder of Locks & Mane. Locks & Mane is one of North America’s fastest-growing luxury extension brands, making high-quality extensions fast, safe, and affordable. Locks & Mane believes in creating quality products that inspire all women to look and feel their best. You can find Locks & Mane products at HSN, Ulta Beauty, Bloomingdales… and Macy’s, later next month!