724. Q&A: Getting Unstuck

Welcome back to Questionably Awesome! Today, Evans and I answer your questions about creating content and finding balance.

Richele Green asks: You have great timing. I'm stuck with creating course content. I have all the knowledge, resources, and tools. Everyone thinks I'm doing great things but I can't seem to stay focused to create the content that will get me to the next level.

Ismaelite Laurore asks: Fatigue and finding the right balance between working long hours and business success. Getting professional financial help so I can focus more on my business operations than finances. Founder Dependency… I am grateful that my business is growing, but what if I end up in the hospital? I am the only one who makes everything.



Meleahrose: “My morning cup of coffee. I cannot begin to explain how much this podcast means to me. It has gotten me through some horrible times and has also been an amazing addition to the good times. Lori helps me get in the right mindset so I can tackle any challenging time in life, whether that’s the ups and downs of being a brand new entrepreneur, having hiccups in my relationships, or getting through the day when I can’t get out of bed because of Lyme disease. There really is an episode for it all, and I cannot recommend this podcast enough! Thank you for being a beacon of light in this world Lori”