733. Coaching Call with Lily Laurore, founder of Sage & Onyx Soapery

Lily Laurore is the founder of Sage & Onyx Soapery. She makes hand-crafted body, bath, and hair products from natural oils and ingredients. Her products are fun, they make you look and feel good, and they make you happy. She has a love of chemistry which first led her to the military and, eventually, pharmacy tech work. That’s where she fell in love with making soaps, which she now does full time. We talk about getting over the fear of growth and finding balance.


Questions Asked:

  • Having multiple businesses, how do you manage a balanced work and personal life?
  • What are the best ways to get over fear of professional growth?


Guest Bio:

Lily Laurore combines her love of chemistry and art to create luxurious products with natural ingredients, offering an array of handcrafted body care items that will comfort the soul, delight the skin, and appeal to the eyes.