734. Four Steps to Get Into Strategic Alignment with Kareen Walsh

Kareen Walsh is a brilliant strategist. Some people are dreamers with a huge vision to create something game-changing. And then there are people like Kareen who take the vision and say, “How do we make this happen?” She hit the glass ceiling at age 22 and saw that the path she was on didn’t lead to where she wanted to go. Her response? Leaving her successful career behind and applying the skills she had acquired into something that truly lit her up. These are the four steps she uses to help you create strategic alignment in whatever goals you’re working on


Question Highlights:

  • Can you give us an overview of your background?
  • Tell us about your four steps for strategic alignment.
  • How can this be applied to different areas of your life?
  • What are some of the biggest roadblocks when it comes to building a strategy?
  • What’s a belief or universal truth that you rely on when you’re solving a problem?


Guest Bio:

Kareen Walsh: Startup Advisor and Investor. Serial entrepreneur. Executive coach. Author. Podcaster. 

She is the CEO and Founder of Revampologist, LLC, a seven-figure boutique consulting and coaching company. She has over 17 years of entrepreneurial and executive experience leading and advising industry leaders. Her unique approach to her service-based business is to shine a lens on people, process, and technology, all while maintaining a hyperfocus on leadership to help businesses scale. 

Clients include trillion-dollar companies like BlackRock, Groupon, and Broadridge, as well as numerous startups preparing to launch. She has built her seven-figure business by helping source the expertise her clients need and coaching leaders on how to align what they love with what they do – and monetize it!  She believes that if you are not growing as a person, then your business won't grow either. Her books “Lead with Value” and “Be a Badass,” along with her podcast “Your Badass Journey” share her methods of personal and professional growth with the world.