737. How to Fund Your Dreams & Why Investing in Women Will Save the World with Catherine Gray, founder of She Angel Investors

Catherine Gray is truly an angel. The founder of She Angels Investors, she’s dedicated to leveling the playing field for female entrepreneurs since they are historically underfunded and underrepresented. Every venture in which she invests is working toward the greater good. We talk about investing, funding women, and creatively raising money.


Question Highlights:

  • What are some of your happiness hacks?
  • What has made you so passionate about getting women funded?
  • What is venture capital and what is angel investing?
  • What do you wish more women knew about this?
  • What’s exciting you the most right now?
  • What did the education process look like around this?


Guest Bio:

Catherine Gray is a producer, author, TEDx speaker,  host of the “Invest in Her” podcast, the Founder of She Angel Investors, and Co-Founder of non-profit She Angels Foundation.

Her focus is always on empowering female entrepreneurs. Her passion is to utilize her multimedia platform to fund women and level the playing field since women are severely underfunded.

Currently, her dream project is producing a new original series for television called “She Angels.” It covers the exciting journeys of the female entrepreneurs who win funding and mentorship at the She Angels Pitch Fest. She Angels is creating a global initiative to fund women around the world.

She also produces and hosts a popular podcast “Live Love Thrive” and just launched a new podcast called “Invest in Her,” to discuss ways to accelerate the funding of women and provide resources and inspiration to our listeners. It features both female founders and funders! It is distributed on Apple, Spotify, iHeart, and wherever you listen to podcasts.

She has produced several award-winning films including the very first documentary film about gay marriage called “I Can't Marry You.” Narrated by Ellen DeGeneres's mom, Betty, the film aired on PBS in more than 60 cities nationwide. She also co-produced several documentary films for the LOGO network, which led her to start her own production company called Showbiz Shorts (aka Corp Shorts), and now her most current endeavor, 360 Karma Productions.

She Angels is my multi-media platform that creates everything from films and shows, to game-changing events to empower women such as the Live Love Thrive Conferences, podcasts, and the She Angels Pitchfest and TV series. Pitchfest is a collaboration with the city of West Hollywood, CA.

After 15 years, she left her position as the top producer of Miami’s cable television advertising to become Vice President of Advertising for the first-ever gay, cable network and decided from that day forward that all of her ventures would be working on projects for the greater good.

Her favorite quote is from Mahatma Gandhi: “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in complete harmony.” She also believes strongly in the Dalai Lama’s quote, “The Western women will save the world.”