746. Coaching Call with Corey Phelps, Founder of Cultivate by Corey

Corey Phelps is the founder of Cultivate by Corey, a fitness-focused brand offering in-person classes and online courses. When COVID struck, she had to pivot fast and recenter herself, which led to her opening a new brand in her company: the Amplify Her Collective. In this coaching call, we explore the importance of finding mentors, how to build teams that invest in your vision, and extending your reach without sacrificing your core values.


Question for Lori:

  • You have had so many accomplishments, from The Bliss Project to your latest endeavor of Lite Pink, which is such an inspiration from the community building aspect and how you have built it from the ground up as a female-funded business. How important was it for you to tap into your network as well as find mentors at each new level to support you, push you, and guide you?
  • What advice can you give on how to step into the CEO leadership role and build a team that is as invested in your vision and mission as you are?
  • I have defined my big ‘why,’ my mission, my core values, and have a proven process. How do I create growth, impact, and reach as many women as possible while maintaining authenticity, integrity, and personal touch as every woman’s success is important to me?


Guest Bio:

After 11 years of teaching and coaching women on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle inside the Cultivate by Corey brand, from in-person classes at her studio to online courses and programs, there was something else brewing for Corey. In 2020, when the world shifted in unthinkable ways, so did Corey’s business and priorities. She felt a tap on the shoulder and stepped into the online space in a new way, supporting women in building and growing their businesses. What started as impromptu calls and presentations to a group of women needing support in learning the ins and outs of online business has transformed into a larger mission to support women in creating an unwavering belief in themselves, their capacity to build financial freedom, and having a personal life of their dreams (friends, kids romance all of it).