748. How to Identify & Utilize Every Resource You Need for Your BIG Vision

All of the answers you are seeking in your business are likely already present in your network. Your network is one of the simplest and most powerful things you can tap into – and you’re not getting enough out of it.

When you run into a problem that you don’t have the answer to on your own, start asking yourself: “Who do I know that might know about this?” If no one comes to mind immediately, dig a little deeper: “Who do I know who I don’t know what they do?” Of all the people in your network, you probably don’t know exactly what skills most of them have.

If you want to truly tap into the power of your network, try this exercise: grab a pen and a sheet of paper, and pull out your phone. Go through your social media friends and ask yourself: “Who is in my network that can help me reach my goals?” Go name by name, down the list, and write down every person who may be a valuable resource for where you want to go. This will instantly make you realize how powerful your network is – as well as give you a list of people to reach out to in order to speed up your journey.

You’re closer to your dreams than you think, but in order to get there you have to become an unapologetic asker.