749. Q&A: Attracting Talent & Releasing Passion

Welcome back to “Questionably Awesome!” Today, Evans and I answer your questions about building a team and finding your passion.

Kelley Tyan asks: “I'm in the network marketing space as a health coach. I'm looking to build my team with strong business-minded people. How do I market this on my social? I've been coaching women in the health and fitness space for 15 years and I think people are intimidated to think they have to have my experience, but I know that's not true. How can I draw more people to my team?”

Bethany Kochan asks: “Finding my passion. That's what has me stuck and often feeling unmotivated or undisciplined. I want financial freedom but don't want to do something just for that. I want to be excited about it. ????”




It’s Like She’s in My Head!

Alright! Enough is enough. Whenever I’ve had a rough day, I open this podcast and the show speaks directly to me and my specific challenges! It’s like Lori has been chilling in my brain all day, sipping on a Lite Pink, listening to my issues, and then records EXACTLY what I need to hear. It’s insane. I’ve been following Lori for some time now and while I’ve always loved her content, I’m in a season now – as a business owner – where I feel more in alignment with her message than ever before. Thank you for showing up every day. You’re doing so much good and pushing me through mental roadblock after mental roadblock. Keep it up and thank you!