753: Q&A: Growing Your Business

Welcome back to “Questionably Awesome!” Today, Evans and I answer your questions about finding your first client and balancing masculine and feminine energy.

Jodi Katzin asks: “I have worked with a few business coaches and still am having trouble getting that first client! I work so hard on my posts but, with a small following and the algorithm, I don't know how many eyes are actually landing on them, so I get discouraged easily. I guess my question would be if there are ways outside of social media to get things off the ground.”

Bailey Barcellos asks: “How do you balance the masculine ‘get it done’ energy with feminine energy when running a successful business!?”



Fido Fizzy

I love how Lori truly wants to help and serve her listeners. The variety of content she produces is amazing and I love how vulnerable and real she is. It’s inspirational to see her and Chris showing #relationshipgoals in their episodes. Thanks for serving!