756. Q&A: Building a Tribe in Your Same Season of Life

Welcome back to “Questionably Awesome!” Today, Evans and I answer your questions about finding people who are in the same season of life as you.

Payton Adams asks: “Lori! I am currently reading your book and love all the information you are providing! I am still struggling with finding people I would want to start a tribe with because my past friends and I have moved onto different seasons in our lives, so I feel really alone. I am trying to put myself out there to meet new people but it has been hard as a new mom. Do you have any advice?”




New Listener

I found this podcast a week or so ago and I LOVE it. I love the energy throughout, the messages that are given, and I absolutely love how short and sweet a lot of the episodes are. They’re easy to follow and fun to listen to. I also appreciate the relation to fitness that is referenced every so often. Thanks for a great podcast!!