773. Here’s Why Flexibility Leads to Opportunity

Flexibility creates opportunity. When good things pop up in life, you will only be able to say “yes” if you’ve been intentional about building flexibility into your life. And a lack of flexibility is only going to cost you opportunities. We’re going to show some examples of both in our life – as well as how you can build more flexibility into your own.

A few months ago, someone made an offer on our Scottsdale, Arizona home that was way higher than we thought it was worth – much more than we paid for it. And even though we had only been there a few months, we saw that it was a major opportunity to make a lot of money fast. That offer ultimately fell through, but it led to us putting our home on the market to see what happened. The flexibility to be OK with either outcome gave us an incredible opportunity.

On the other hand, an example of when a lack of flexibility robbed us of opportunity is when our friend Jim Kwik wanted to use my recording studio to record an interview with Tom, the founder of MySpace. But the studio was completely booked for the day and Jim said he was hoping to get Tom to do an interview on our show after his interview. He told us to “Start making room for the miracles.”

It’s important that you leave space in your calendar for things to show up, but this doesn’t mean to do nothing. You have to go out into the world to allow miracles to show up. Just don’t be so rigid that you aren’t willing to see those miracles for the opportunities that they are.