803. How to Create Instagram Reels That Grow Your Brand and Tell It’s Story

Brock Johnson is a master of online storytelling via social media. If you follow him on Instagram, you can learn so much about how you can up your game. Whether you’re growing a business, have aspirations of starting one, or simply recognize the benefit to having a following on social media, his advice is invaluable.


Question Highlights:

  • What got you started on the path of social media?
  • How do you get into the mindset of being open to pivoting?
  • What are the steps to growing your Instagram following?
  • Where do you start when you first get the idea for a product or offering but you have no audience?
  • What are some mindsets that you’ve had to let go of to get to where you are today?
  • What stops people from making the content they know they need to?


Guest Bio:

Brock Johnson is a 24-year-old former college-athlete with a passion for helping others grow their brands using social media. His specialty is short-form video on Instagram and online storytelling! After less than two years in business, Brock reached a 6 figure income as a college student. As Co-host of the Build Your Tribe Podcast, instructor of multiple online courses, viral TikTok creator, and an Instagram marketing expert, Brock has helped thousands of entrepreneurs learn to build their business, even with limited time and money. He has a specialty in IG Stories and his mission is to help you grow your brand, and effectively market using these platforms.