806. Creating a Consumer Product That Supports Your Lifestyle with Chris “Bernie” Bernard

Chris “Bernie” Bernard is a marketing and networking genius. He’s seen huge success in the world of packaged foods and knows what it takes to make it in such a complex but exciting field. No matter what you’re building, the advice he shares in this episode can be applied.


Question Highlights:

  • Where did your business ideas come from?
  • How were you so willing to share your thoughts?
  • How did you transition into your own brands?
  • What got you interested in CPG?
  • How do you gain perspective on your problems?
  • Who do you surround yourself with?
  • Tell us about Mindright?
  • What has been the biggest outlet for you?
  • How do you learn to trust your gut and intuition?


Guest Bio:

Chris Bernard, a.k.a Bernie, is a CPG expert and investor with over 20 years experience in apparel, outdoor, and packaged foods. Having successfully navigated the better-for-you snacking space with protein-packed snack brand Buff Bake, Bernie has now shifted his sites to the condition specific market, identifying mood and mental wellbeing as the next big frontier in food and beverage. Mindright seeks to lead the Good Mood Movement via a platform of tasty snacks and supporting beverages that support your mental wellbeing.