Episode 94: NOW or NEVER with Alexi Panos

A leader in the Emergent Wisdom movement, Alexi Panos is on a mission to make personal development mainstream through her books, youtube channel, workshops, international speaking and working with her non profit, E.P.I.C. in Africa. She’s one of Origin Magazines TOP 100 CREATIVES CHANGING THE WORLD, and is a featured expert in the films THE ABUNDANCE FACTOR and RISEUP. She’s authored the books 50 WAYS TO YAY! and NOW OR NEVER, both by Simon & Schuster.

Growing up with divorced parents, Alexi takes us back with her, to remembering the long 8 hour road trips she took often, in order to see her Mom. Being only eight years old, the hours seemed extra long and drawn out but she specifically remembers to the audible books her Mother would listen to, to stay awake on the drive.

“I just wanted to listen to Madonna and dance in the car but my Mom always had on Mariann Williamson and Tony Robbins. I must admit, I kind-of secretly liked it.”

Jumping forward to her teenage and young adult years, the memories of the audible books and the lessons they taught, came in handy quite often.

“I came from a small town in Pennsylvania, and it reminded me that I can have a life of my choosing.”

A few fun facts that you may not know about Alexi are spilled in her interview as well! Trying out for a newspaper singing audition (which started as a dare) ended up leading her to a record deal with Def Jam and Murder Inc., allowing her to tour from the age of 17-19 with then popular rapper, Ja Rule. Where are my hip-hop lovers at?!

Touring the world seems like everyone’s dream, am I right? But it was the last stop of the tour that really hit home for Alexi.

“I was in Cape Town South Africa on the tour bus, and looked to my right to see a shanti town on the side of the road. Looked back at the tour bus and it was as if the two worlds didn't match. As if my entire reality just shifted.”

Returning back to New York, Alexi left the music business and picked up a bartending job, simply to make the months rent. She was no longer willing to “sell her soul for fame,” as she put it.

With the little money she did have, Alexi and her business partner soon created E.P.I.C a non-profit organization giving back and making an impact, internationally!

Alexi is the perfect example of following the things that ignite your soul, at all costs and whatever it takes!

Its important to know that for your own person growth, that you truly understand you will always be a work in progress. There is never a defined finish line, it is all about the journey there.

I couldn't think of a better podcast guest, other than Alexi, to give us all that extra push of inspiration to catapult us into 2017!

New Year. New beginnings. New ideas. New you.

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Synchronicity
  • Leaps of faith
  • Journey
  • Finding yourself
  • Perspective
  • Shifting
  • Soul searching
  • Perseverance


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