940. Eric Thomas On How To Find Your Greatness

Today Chris and I are so grateful to be joined by Eric Thomas PhD, who is an educator, best-selling author, motivational guru and international business phenom. Eric's unique brand of pragmatism continues to take the world by storm and has made him the preferred “go-to” problem-solver for many of the world's largest corporations. Namely, General Electric, Quicken Loans, AT&T, Nike, Under Armour, New Balance, UPS the MLB, NBA, NFL and, MLS. ET is the epitome of hustle, drive, determination, and success and we dive deep into ET’s wisdom and faith in this interview.


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

(1:54) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today’s guest is Eric Thomas, interviewed by Lori and Chris.

(3:55) Eric joins the conversation.

(5:44) Chris asks Eric, “From your perspective today, what do you feel your mission is and who are you here to serve?”

(9:59) Lori asks Eric, “How did you create this unshakable belief system that your disadvantages can be advantages?”

(14:11) Chris asks Eric, “What words of inspiration or tips do you have for the couples or individuals out there that are afraid of what might be coming up in the economy?”

(19:36) Lori asks Eric, “What different actions do you recommend people can take right away to get them outside of their head or funk?”

(31:29) Chris asks Eric, “Is one group more important to speak to than the other? And if so, why?”

(36:36) Lori asks Eric, “I want to hear your thoughts on combining average skill with phenomenal will”. 

(42:48) Chris asks Eric, “Of the blueprint that you created when you wrote the book, is there a chapter or lesson that stands out as the most important one?”

(49:20) Lori asks Eric, “Has there been a moment recently, where you have been so low where you've questioned your faith?”

(54:27) Chris asks Eric, “Where can people get your book?”

(54:48) Chris says that the first 50 listeners that tag Eric, Lori and Chris with their breakthrough or their takeaway from this episode will receive a FREE copy of Eric’s book, You Owe You: Ignite Your Power, Your Purpose, and Your Why.