Feeling Unworthy and Tips to Change your Thoughts

How to get over the feeling of Being Unworthy

Why are you waiting for someone to anoint you as “Worthy?” And why do you feel you aren't worthy?

How do we reprogram our “unworthy” self thoughts to ones of feeling worthy?

Well, if you want to start feeling worthy, you need to start thinking that you are worthy. But with this, you may feel those thoughts creep in of self doubt and almost like you are lying to yourself at first.

Here are my 2 Tips to implement right now:

  • Change your self talk around worthiness.
  • Take little risks everyday.

Yeah, sounds easy right, but it can be challenging to implement. Mantras are a great way to start when opportunities come up, or you start having that negative self talk. You need to have a mantra that you can grab onto that will support you.

If you can't think of a mantra, try using this one:
“I am a perfect work in progress and I am a magnet for all that I desire.”

Also, start thinking and doing things that you feel your “Worthy Self” would be doing. Be it going to the gym when you don't feel up for it or reading and studying a development book instead of watching TV. Do the things that you believe your worthy self would be doing.

Stretch just a little out of your comfort zone each and every day. All that little growth and the little efforts each day will really start to add up.

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