1030. Ryan Holiday’s Key To Finding Peace

There are a few authors who have deeply impacted my mindset and how I approach life, and Ryan Holiday is at the top of that list. He’s a #1 NYT bestselling author and media strategist, and we recently sat down to discuss all things discipline in honor of his latest book, Discipline Is Destiny: The Power of Self-Control

In our conversation, Ryan expands on the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of discipline. He shares his perspective on making peace with being misunderstood or disliked by people, which is something I’m constantly working on mastering. We also talk about strategies for coming up with fresh, authentic content and what to do if you’re bumping up against a creative block.



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(0:35) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is joined by author Ryan Holiday. 

(4:26) Lori asks Ryan, “How much time do you actually spend researching and learning per day?”

(9:22) Lori asks Ryan, “How much randomness are you allowing into your life?”

(14:29) Lori asks Ryan, “Tell me about the topic of discipline and what got you interested in it?”

(22:25) Lori asks Ryan, “How did you figure out what your energy expenditure for the day is?”

(25:30) Lori asks Ryan, “What are your thoughts on saying ‘maybe’ when you really want to say ‘no’?”

(28:15) Lori asks Ryan, “What is the discipline around letting it be okay to be misunderstood?”

(31:17) Lori asks Ryan, “What is your daily discipline around the little pings when you feel yourself going down the rabbit hole of analyzing something that doesn't feel good?”

(33:55) Lori asks Ryan, “Is there anything that you're really working on this year that you would love to have the self mastery around?” 

(37:26) Lori asks Ryan, “I don't know one person who has a level of celebrity who hasn't been dragged through the dirt. How do you deal with that?”

(40:54) Lori asks Ryan, “Can you tell me a little bit about how your book can help people learn how to get that discipline to actually go for the thing and start taking action?”

(45:33) Lori asks Ryan, “Tell me about how you test some of the ideas when you're going into something more specific, like titling a book.”

(48:39) Lori asks Ryan, “Why did you choose to include the word ‘destiny’ in the title?”

(49:50) Lori asks Ryan, “Tell me about some of the things that are coming out of the book that you knew would be a hit and other themes that are surprisingly resonating with readers?”

(52:00) Lori asks Ryan, “What is your level of peace?”

(55:39) Lori asks Ryan, “Where can we get the book?”