848. Gabby Bernstein On The Stigma Around Depression And Anxiety

Gabby Bernstein is a #1 New York Times best-selling author and she just released her latest book, Happy Days: The Guided Path from Trauma to Profound Freedom and Inner Peace. In today’s episode, she opens up about what inspired this book, the work and healing that took place in order for her to write it and the life changing therapeutic processes that have helped her along the way. 

She offers guidance for the anxiety that I’m personally working through currently and her top advice for people who are struggling with the same. We also address the stigma around postpartum depression and antidepressants. Talking with Gabby always feels like wrapping up in a warm blanket, so listen in to hear more about our honest conversation about mental health. 


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About Gabby:

For over sixteen years, Gabby Bernstein has been transforming lives—including her own. The #1 New York Times best-selling author has penned nine books, including The Universe Has Your Back, Super Attractor, and her latest, Happy Days. In her weekly podcast, Dear Gabby, she offers up real-time coaching, straight talk, and conversations about personal growth and spirituality with unique and inspiring guests. What started as hosting intimate conversations with twenty people in her New York City apartment, Gabby has grown into speaking to tens of thousands in sold-out venues throughout the world. 

Gabby was featured on Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday as a “next-generation thought leader.” The Oprah Winfrey Network chose Gabby to be part of the “SuperSoul 100,” a dynamic group of trailblazers whose vision and life’s work are bringing a higher level of consciousness to the world. The New York Times identified Gabby as “a new role model.” She co-hosted the Guinness World Records’ largest guided meditation with Deepak Chopra, and appears regularly as an expert on TODAY and Good Morning America, among other publications. She connects with her community through her books, her Miracle Membership, and her podcast Dear Gabby. To learn more about Gabby, visit gabbybernstein.com



( 2:18 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

( 2:55 ) Lori introduces today’s guest, Gabby Bernstein

( 4:24 ) Gabby joins the conversation. 

( 4:39 ) Lori asks Gabby about her writing process for Happy Days. 

( 6:26 ) Gabby talks about uncovering her trauma in a dream. 

( 7:41 ) Gabby explains what the book is about and what it addresses. 

( 10:36 ) Lori asks Gabby if she was ever afraid to find out who she was without anxiety. 

( 13:36 ) Gabby says, “There're countless lessons in this book for how you can start to support yourself with this anxiety while doing the deeper work.”

( 15:04 ) Lori and Gabby discuss Lori’s current anxiety. 

( 20:17 ) Lori talks about her anxiety being triggered around powerful women. 

( 22:44 ) Lori asks Gabby, “What do you think the differences are that you've experienced between depression and anxiety?”

( 24:48 ) Gabby breaks down some of the life changing therapeutic processes that she’s experienced. 

( 27:43 ) Lori talks about the EmpowerHER podcast. 

( 30:34 ) Gabby says, “We all have unresolved patterns from our past that make us uncomfortable in the present. But when things are kind of normal around us, we can find a lot of ways to just sort of numb out from those patterns.”

( 31:43 ) Gabby reads an excerpt from her book Happy Days.

( 34:37 ) Lori asks Gabby, “What role do you think other people play in your healing?”

( 38:18 ) Lori asks Gabby, “Do you think people without purpose can be mentally sound and healthy? Or do we need to create our purpose?”

( 41:46 ) Gabby talks about her experience with getting psychiatric help for her postpartum depression and anxiety. 

( 46:13 ) Gabby says, “We have to hit bottom to wake up.”

( 47:51 ) Lori asks Gabby, “How are humans actually supposed to feel?”

( 51:18 ) Gabby shares her parting words with listeners. 

( 51:37 ) Lori asks listeners to tag @gabbybernstein and let her know what their biggest takeaway was from this episode.