1114. How To Maintain Top Tier Health As An Entrepreneur With Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

I had a hard time learning how to fully dial into my health and wellness. But then, I became friends with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, one of the smartest people I know! She’s board-certified in Family Medicine and an expert and educator on protein types, levels for health performance, aging, and disease prevention — with over 20 years in the industry! Her brand new book, “Forever Strong,” is available for pre-order NOW, and it's going to literally change the way you think about health and medicine. 

In our conversation, Dr. Gabrielle unveils how nutrition is the key to feeling vibrant, healthy, and happy as a human — especially as an entrepreneur. This masterclass will help you dial into your health and optimize your life. She shares tips on how to shift your mindset away from self-negotiation, the power of muscle-centric medicine, and why consistency will keep you both physically and mentally strong. 

This episode is loaded with wisdom, so you don’t want to miss out! Especially since I’m giving away 20 copies of Forever Strong! Take a screenshot of this episode and upload it to Instagram stories. Tag me and Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, and let us know what your takeaways were from the episode. That’s all you have to do! 


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(3:02) Welcome back to another episode of Earn Your Happy. 

(6:32) Lori asks Dr. Gabrielle, “What is your book about, and why did you write it?” 

(9:30)  Lori asks Dr. Gabrielle, “Where are some of the first places that people go wrong?”

(13:15) Lori asks Dr. Gabrielle, “How do we shift the mindset from weight loss mentality? And “What have you seen work around that?”

(18:06) Lori asks Dr. Gabrielle, “What are some of the most important things the entrepreneur can do?”

(19:51) Lori asks Dr. Gabrielle, “What’s a great idea for a plant-based meal or someone who’s vegan or vegetarian?”

(21:22) Lori asks Dr. Gabrielle, “What’s next now that I’m getting into my workday?” 

(23:06) Lori asks Dr. Gabrielle, “What are some suggestions for the ‘window of eating’?”

(29:35) Lori asks Dr. Gabrielle, “What are some things to help with negotiation around exercise?”

(34:36) Lori asks Dr. Gabrielle, “What are the most common themes that entrepreneurs are dealing with?”

(35:39) Lori asks Dr. Gabrielle, “Is it fine to eat the same thing over and over again, but switch it up every three months?”

(39:55) Lori asks Dr. Gabrielle, “What does Muscle-centric Medicine mean?”

(43:00) Lori asks Dr. Gabrielle, “How does aging show up in the Muscle-centric Medicine process and idea?”

(44:26) Lori asks Dr. Gabrielle, “What does physical activity and doing hard things do for you personally?”

(46:06) Lori asks Dr. Gabrielle, “Who is the perfect reader for Forever Strong?” and “What main ideas is someone going to walk away with after reading it?”

(47:22) Lori asks Dr. Gabrielle, “Are there any last words of wisdom that you want to share?”