904. How The Government Is Stuffing Your Pockets!

Chris joins me today on the show, along with Mark Sullivan and Josh Zieglowsky of ERC Specialists, a specialty payroll company exclusively dedicated to understanding and maximizing the CARES Act Employee Retention Credit (ERC) for U.S. businesses affected negatively by COVID-19. You’ve heard about PPP and EIDL, but this is actually a refund for the W2 wages that you paid as an employer. Mark and Josh explain what this tax credit is all about, who qualifies for it, and why your CPA hasn’t told you about this yet. They also break down what you can expect from their services and highlight why this program is one of the few win-win-win situations out there.


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About Josh

Josh has been an entrepreneur for almost 20 years. His primary focus is investing in residential and commercial real estate. Josh’s key expertise includes asset and portfolio management, broker relations, investor and client relations, banking relations, economic and demographic trends, market analysis, due diligence oversight, financing oversight, acquisition and disposition strategies, transaction oversight and business development.

When Josh first learned about the ERC, he spoke to some CPAs and payroll firms but was unsuccessful in finding a solution for his company’s filings, so he took it upon himself to help other businesses receive this credit from the government. He took the approach of the book “Who not How” to hire top experts who specialize in this niche program. With his dream team in place, Josh now leads business development and marketing at ERC Specialists.

When Josh isn’t working, he’s spending time with his wife of 21 years, Taryn, and his four children. Josh grew up in Morgan, UT where he was a multi-sport athlete but his love was in basketball. Now, years later, he gives back by coaching local students to succeed both in sports and in life.


About Mark

Mark Sullivan has more than 20 years of experience building and scaling profitable companies. When Mark heard about ERC Specialists, he immediately saw the opportunity to help thousands of business owners recover from the pandemic, and he answered the call to lead our company as CEO.

Over the last 10 years, Mark has founded and launched 5 different companies that each hit $1m in sales in their first 12 months in business. During that time as a co-owner and acting CEO, he generated over $30m+ in revenue. As acting CEO for ERC Specialists, he’s had the opportunity to oversee over half a billion dollars of filed credits helping thousands of businesses access COVID-19 relief funds.

As the leader of ERC Specialists, Mark drives the company’s strong commitment to its mission of empowering growth, which includes the growth of our employees, customers, community relationships, and affiliates. He’s relentlessly committed to the cause of helping business owners and is working hard each day to make it a reality.

Mark has a passion for life, family, and creating solutions that help others. When Mark is not building world-class companies, you’ll find him on an ATV exploring the mountains of Utah, playing basketball with his four sons, or savoring the sweet life with his wife April.


Discussion Questions & Episode Highlights

( 0:38 ) Welcome back to another episode of Earn Your Happy. Chris and Lori are joined by Mark Sullivan and Josh Zieglowsky, co-founders of ERC Specialists. 

( 1:48 ) Chris asks Josh, “What in the world is the ERC tax credit?”

( 5:23 ) Chris asks Mark, “This tax credit is an infinite amount of money, is that right?”

( 7:17 ) Chris asks Mark, “Should somebody go running to their tax accountant to apply for this? Or is it easier to go through someone like you who's a specialist and just this one thing?”

( 9:09 ) Lori asks Mark, “​​What was the intent? Why do they offer all of this money?”

( 10:28 ) Lori asks Josh, “What about a newer company like mine, where I was not launched, but I was in business?”

( 15:45 ) Chris asks Josh and Mark, “Why are the two of you guys doing this? Why did you make a company out of it?”

( 18:56 ) Chris asks Lori, “It's not being talked about in my circle. My circle is highly entrepreneurial. What about yours? Have you ever heard of this?”

( 19:26 ) Chris asks Josh, “Do people owe you any money to find out? Or is it until they're getting money, they're not paying a single penny?”

( 21:45 ) Take the ERC Specialists 5-minute questionnaire at fastercexperts.com