993. How To Shorten The Distance To Your Biggest Desires

I recently listened to one of my favorite podcast episodes, Unlock The Unlimited Power of Your Mind with Ed Mylett & Dr. Joe Dispenza, and wanted to share some of the key takeaways from their mind-blowing conversation. They break down how to shorten the distance from where you are to what you want by shifting how you think about the unknown. I share strategies for becoming more conscious of your belief systems and how to practice embodying gratitude. Listen and hear how these concepts have shifted my mindset and approach to life!

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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

(0:23) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is recapping an episode of the Ed Mylett podcast that really resonated with her. 

(0:34) Lori talks about her journaling experience on the GrowthDay app. 

(2:18) Lori gives an overview of Ed Mylett’s podcast with Dr. Joe Dispenza. 

(3:47) Lori asks listeners, “How many of the things in your life are you choosing to continue to suffer through because of the unknown?”

(5:23) Lori talks about how to get in the feeling of what we actually want instead of where we're at. 

(7:12) Lori looks back on the mindset expansion and personal development she had to go through in order to start Bliss Project. 

(9:54) Lori stresses the importance of replacing limiting thought patterns with a new reality. 

(13:34) Lori talks about the importance of having a supportive community when embarking on this mindset journey.