864. How To Attract What You Want With Keith Yackey

I recently met today’s guest at a dinner and knew that I had to have him on the show to share his story with you all. Keith Yackey is the founder and creator of Married Game and helps men win back their wife’s attraction so she will want to initiate sex again. He tells it like it is and has a proven formula to help couples get back the spark they had at the beginning of their relationship. Keith shares how he came up with Married Game and breaks down his signature five dial process. We discuss why women need to prioritize themselves, how his mindset about marriage has totally shifted, and the importance of discipline. Plus, we share our advice for women who feel like they can’t find their match and how to date as an alpha female. 


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About Keith:

Keith Yackey is the founder and creator of MarriedGame.com. When his wife left him 5 years ago, he realized that he was the problem and that his wife was no longer attracted to him. Since getting her back, Keith has dedicated his life to teaching men how to get their wives to want to have sex with them again. By doing one simple thing, becoming the most attractive version of themselves. 


Discussion Questions & Episode Highlights

( 0:43 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is joined by Keith Yackey, founder and creator of MarriedGame.com. 

( 2:24 ) Keith joins the conversation. 

( 3:24 ) Lori asks Keith to share what inspired him to create Married Game. 

( 5:04 ) Lori asks Keith how he won his wife back. 

( 6:52 ) Lori asks Keith, “How on earth did you guys get to a place where now you feel like you're so happy?”

( 10:05 ) Lori asks Keith to share how women should approach this situation with their husband. 

( 12:09 ) Lori shares how her dynamic with Chris has shifted over the years.  

( 13:15 ) Keith and Lori discuss the nuances of how society views the role of women in a marriage. 

( 15:52 ) Lori talks about today’s sponsor, Avast. 

( 17:39 ) Lori notes where she sees women start to gain their power back. 

( 19:15 ) Keith shares how he’s empowering his daughter. 

( 22:09 ) Lori asks Keith for his perspective on women who say that men are intimidated by their power. 

( 26:05 ) Keith says, “My job also is to be an amazing roommate.”

( 27:15) Lori talks about today’s sponsor, Better Help.  

( 29:09 ) Lori asks Keith to talk about the second dial of his process. 

( 31:48 ) Lori asks Keith to explain the third dial. 

( 33:46 ) Lori asks Keith, “How did you turn the Creator back on for yourself?”

( 36:58 ) Keith says, “Proving to yourself and becoming the only opinion that really, truly matters is a journey that every person should go on.”

( 40:46 ) Keith talks about his experience with the 75 Hard challenge. 

( 42:59 ) Keith says, “You can't have true power if you don't trust yourself.”

( 44:37 ) Keith breaks down the fourth and fifth dials of his process. 

( 47:12 ) Listeners can follow @keithyackey and learn more at marriedgame.com. Tag and let him know what their biggest takeaway was.