1057. Dr. Daniel Amen On How To Become 30% Happier

Mental health empowerment is one of the biggest reasons why I started this show and I’m so excited I could connect with Dr. David Amen, a leader in the psychology field. Dr. Amen recently came out with his book, Change Your Brain Every Day, and in our conversation, he lays out the daily habits for improving brain function and overall mental health. 

Dr. Amen shares the real prescription for happiness, which is a lot more simple than you might think. We talk about how to combat loneliness and digital addictions, two epidemics that are severely affecting people of every generation. Dr. Amen also shares his tips for reframing negative thoughts and increasing focus as an entrepreneur.



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(0:35) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is joined by Dr. David Amen. 

(5:24) Lori asks Dr. Amen, “What prompted you to write Change Your Brain Every Day?”

(7:29) Lori asks Dr. Amen, “What are you seeing in your research that suggests we should pay more attention to brain health now, especially?”

(10:47) Lori asks Dr. Amen, “What exactly do you do? How do you look at brain scans?”

(16:17) Lori asks Dr. Amen, “Why do you feel like every single day we need to be focusing on our brain? What impact is that going to create?”

(19:10) Lori asks Dr. Amen, “What are people going to get from this book?”

(27:44) Lori asks Dr. Amen, “Do you talk about building particular habits in your book?”

(39:09) Lori asks Dr. Amen, “What are you personally loving learning right now?” 

(41:52) Lori asks Dr. Amen, “What do you suggest around improving focus?”

(43:24) Lori asks Dr. Amen, “Do you have specific brain scans around what's happening with people consuming so much social media?”

(44:20) Lori asks Dr. Amen, “Are you able to kind of see the difference between people's brains in those who have strong communities and those who don't feel connected?”

(45:44) Lori asks Dr. Amen, “Married men live longer than married women do. Can you tell me a little bit about this?”

(51:35) Lori asks Dr. Amen, “Where can we get the book?”