1090. How To Build Wealth & Transform Your Money Journey with Mel Abraham

Financial expert and entrepreneurial mentor Mel Abraham is here to share how to transform your money journey step-by-step. He highlights the wealth-building habits that everyone should be building, including how to get started with saving, paying down destructive debt, and automatically investing. 

We all have money stories that create limiting beliefs about what we can achieve financially, but Mel has an amazing strategy for getting to the root of those narratives and shifting those thoughts. He also highlights the most impactful lessons he’s learned from his financial challenges, including losing millions of dollars and missing out on investing because of fear.



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(0:28) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is joined by Mel Abraham. 

(4:07) Lori asks Mel, “Why don't you share where we were at and what you do for the event?”

(5:24) Lori asks Mel, “How has that really affected your life like being around that high energy all the time?”

(9:18) Lori asks Mel, “What was that experience like for you speaking at GrowthDay Live? Did you experience nerves?”

(11:29) Lori asks Mel, “Do you want to tell us a little about the two money journeys?”

(14:52) Lori asks Mel, “Where do you start to go from an earning journey to a wealth journey?”

(16:44) Lori asks Mel, “What do the steps look like to actually start creating wealth?”

(27:29) Lori asks Mel, “How do we make that long-term financial plan?”

(31:55) Lori asks Mel, “What are some of the things that you see that people need to shift first before they can even start learning about these two different journeys?” 

(35:21) Lori asks Mel, “Can you touch on your cancer journey and how money became more important during that?”

(40:12) Lori asks Mel, “Are there any things that have popped up in your head that you want to share with people around money?”

(44:16) Lori asks Mel, “You have an awesome seven-day money planning challenge. Where can we find that?”