1131. How To Change Your Limiting Beliefs Today

Have you ever noticed how successful people seem to have incredible self-awareness? They know exactly what their strengths are, what they need to work on, and what's holding them back. It's all about the stories we tell ourselves – some might be limiting us without us even realizing it! Today, I remind you that the more self-awareness you have, the more successful and free you'll be. I share tips and practical strategies for turning those limiting beliefs into beliefs that will help you achieve your dreams. All it takes is one thought – watch as the world around you aligns with your goals. 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

(0:29) Welcome back to another episode of Earn Your Happy. 

(1:19) Lori invites listeners to reflect on their beliefs. 

(3:37) Lori explains how to replace negative thoughts with thoughts that propel. 

(8:18) Lori asks the listeners to come up with a replacement thought for the beliefs that are holding them back.