834. How To Create More Choice For Yourself

You have to go through times of having little to no choice in order to earn your way into a season of massive choice. Today, Chris and I are talking about how we’ve gone through periods of hardcore hustle to set ourselves up for options in the future. I share about finally landing speaking gigs at a price that I feel great about and Chris explains how amazing it feels to be free to schedule his days how he wants. Choice is the best thing that success can buy and we’re sharing our secrets to getting there! 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 2:36 ) Welcome back to another He Said She Said episode of Earn Your Happy.

( 3:39 ) This week, we want to share different reasons why we really feel like we have set ourselves up this year. 

( 4:06 ) Chris says, “choice is one of the greatest luxuries in the world.”

( 4:56 ) Lori asks Chris, “what does it look like to set your life up?”

( 5:52 ) Lori shares how she was able to land two speaking gigs at her dream price. 

( 8:35 ) Chris adds how Gary Vee declines certain jobs because they can’t meet his fee. 

( 9:41 ) Lori and Chris talk about the hard work that goes into getting to a place of choices. 

( 11:29 ) Lori says, “​​I want to create income that creates choice for other people.”

( 13:05 ) To sign up for the Be on TV Bootcamp, go to thebeontvbootcamp.com/harder

( 16:02 ) Lori and Chris sign off the episode.