917. How to Expand Your Network With Kelly Kussman

I’m joined by one of my rockstar Lite Pink investors Kelly Kussman to talk about our exciting collab coming out tomorrow! Kelly is the founder of Cayla Gray, a luxury perfume and candle company, and we worked together to create a scent that captures the feel of drinking an icy glass of Rosé in the sparkling summer sun. When I wear Rosé Summer, I’m immediately transported back to when I was on a yacht on the Amalfi Coast, feeling the breeze in my hair, and smelling the salt in the air. 

Kelly and I dive into our collaboration process and talk about how we worked together to create a visceral experience with Rosé Summer. She breaks down the difference between white labeling, private labeling, and starting a product-based business from scratch. She shares her tips for how to build your audience from the ground up and what her vision is for the future of Cayla Gray. To learn more about her company and shop Rosé Summer, check out @caylagrayco and caylagray.com


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Discussion Questions & Episode Highlights

( 1:12 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

( 3:45 ) Kelly joins the conversation. 

( 5:07 ) Lori asks Kelly, “Tell me about your company and how you started it.”

( 8:42 ) Lori and Kelly talk about their collab process. 

( 11:09 ) Lori asks Kelly, “Explain your choice on the size of these.”

( 13:45 ) Lori asks Kelly, “Did you jump into this when you were leaving your former career? Did you jump in? Were you all in? Did you have some money that you could kind of rely on or keep going?”

( 17:58 ) Lori shouts out Earn Your Happy sponsor Indeed. 

( 20:27 ) Lori asks Kelly, “For you, was the path clear? Like, my vision is to be in boutiques, or I want to sell online? Or was it always both? And how did you start?”

( 22:51 ) Lori asks Kelly, “You're mentioning things are changing so quickly and buyers' habits are changing. What are you kind of noticing right now? And in what way are you kind of planning to pivot?”

( 25:28 ) Lori asks Kelly, “What did we put in here so people can kind of understand what it's gonna smell like?”

( 28:49 ) Lori asks Kelly, “You had mentioned white labeling and private labeling. Can you just break that down and let people know the opportunities that are out there to collab?” 

( 31:37 ) Lori thanks another sponsor of the show, Gusto

( 33:44 ) Lori asks Kelly, “What are some low barrier of entry things that if people are thinking of creating a product that they could look at?” 

( 37:06 ) Lori asks Kelly, “What are the important factors around building an audience?”

( 40:02 ) Lori asks Kelly, “I think there's gonna be some people who are not used to the frequency in which you have to really work hard to build your audience. So was this a once a month thing? Or were you really tracking daily or weekly to grow your audience?”

( 41:17 ) Lori asks Kelly, “Is there anything that we have left out that you feel like if we're talking to somebody who's kind of stumbling upon this opportunity, or we're expanding the idea of this opportunity, that they would need to know?”

( 43:58 ) Lori asks listeners to buy Rosé Summer at caylagray.com, and tag @loriharder and @caylagrayco when they’ve purchased it.