874. How To Find A Daily Workflow That Brings Great Results

If you could set up your work schedule and environment however you wanted, what would that look like? I feel so lucky that Lauren and I are aligned with our workflows and are able to maximize our energy, prioritize self care, and still make major progress with building Lite Pink. We discuss some things that people can do if they want to have a conversation with their boss about creating a more flexible and non-traditional routine, and also what to do if you’re an entrepreneur. It can be so easy to burn out and feel resentful when it feels like you’re working 24/7, but there are ways to find a better work-life balance that will help you reach your goals without constantly sacrificing what makes you happy.  


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 0:28 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

( 1:54 ) Lori asks Lauren, “​​When are you finding that you have the most energy and what is most beneficial for you on how you set up your day?”

( 6:37 ) Lori highlights the origins of the 9-5 workday. 

( 7:46 ) Lori asks Lauren, “What are some things that people can do if they're not the boss of the company, or they're working somewhere and they want to have this conversation?”

( 14:41 ) Lori asks Lauren, “What feels good for you to either have been asked or what are some things that you've had to bring up around finding your workflow?

( 18:02 ) Lori says, “I can also recognize when someone will burn themselves out and wake up one day and go, Why am I not happy? Oh, my job.” 

( 19:58 ) Lori asks Lauren, “Do you feel like you can handle some of these conversations?”

( 22:01 ) Lauren asks Lori, “How can people without having a boss to check in on them take care of themselves?”

( 26:43 ) Lori talks about a time when she and Chris experienced burnout. 

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