947. How To Imagine What’s Possible With A Mastermind Group

Chris and I have always created what we wished existed, and masterminds are no exception. I just got back from a life-changing trip with two women that I formed a mini mastermind group with, and I wanted to break down how you can do the same. I explain where this idea came from, how we’ve built the container to do it, and the non-negotiables that we’ve set for this group. Chris and I also discuss why masterminds are crucial for both personal and business growth, and how to take the first step to create or join one today. 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 1:57 ) Welcome back to another He Said She Said episode of Earn Your Happy. Today, Chris and Lori are talking about how to create your own mastermind. 

( 2:59 ) Chris asks Lori, “Do you mind giving us a quick overview where this came from and why you did it?”

( 5:54 ) Lori says, “There's a ton of different structures and support that you can do depending upon what you all need and what you all desire.”

( 9:09 ) Chris asks Lori, “Each person got a three hour period where all you guys were doing was focusing on their business on a whiteboard, working out their biggest challenges. Is that right?”

( 10:53 ) Chris asks Lori, “You created what you wish existed for you where you're at, is that right?”

( 12:36 ) Chris asks Lori, “How can you quantify what you guys walked away with? Or how can you quantify for us the impact? How did the needle actually move?”

( 14:11 ) Chris asks Lori, “How often would you recommend the in-person part?”

( 17:04 ) Chris shares how people can sign up for the Elite Business Mastermind if they want a ready-made mastermind program.