1045. How To Leverage Discomfort For A Happier Life With Author Michael Easter

The Comfort Crisis is one of the most transformative books I’ve ever read and has completely changed how I approach my life and business. The author of that book, Michael Easter, joins me on this episode to break down key findings from his research, including how embracing discomfort actually boosts health and happiness. 

In our conversation, Michael gives the backstory to what inspires his research of the evolutionary need to be challenged and highlights what he’s learned from remote communities all over the world. Drop your takeaways with us into the comments (and in a review on @applepodcasts) – I know you’ll have a ton!



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(0:29) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is joined by Michael Easter. 

(4:23) Lori asks Michael, “Where did the concept for The Comfort Crisis come from?”

(5:33) Lori asks Michael, “What was your experience like getting sober?”

(11:24) Lori asks Michael, “Can you share a little bit about where we're at in America with how we're viewing life's comforts and challenges?”

(14:54) Lori asks Michael, “You have this theory of choosing your hard. How did this get introduced into your life?”

(20:33) Lori asks Michael, “What would you say are some of the biggest emotional changes for you when you look back at the man you were before and then the man you were after incorporating these principles into your life?”

(27:18 ) Lori asks Michael, “Tell me about how you perceive challenges now.”

(30:58) Lori asks Michael, “You talk a lot about how talking about death, experiencing death, and learning about death on a daily basis has made a lot of cultures experience more happiness. Can you share a little bit about that?”

(40:56) Lori asks Michael, “You have a blueprint for leveraging discomfort. What does that look like?”

(44:40) Lori asks Michael, “What do you say in those moments when you're not feeling inspired to show up?”

(47:25) Lori asks Michael, “Who would you be right now if you weren't living this way?”

(50:18) Lori asks Michael, “I know that people who listen to this podcast want to get to the next level, but there's something blocking them from getting there. What would you suggest for them?”