928. How To Make REAL Passive Income

I’m joined by Patricia Carlin, a payments industry powerhouse and co-founder of Residual Payments. I’m all about finding creative ways to bring in extra income, and ​​becoming a digital payment expert is a great way to do that. Patricia explains exactly what being a payment processor is, how the job works, and what to expect around the workload. She also pulls back the curtain on the earning possibilities for someone who really puts in the work and dedication to their business, and shares her tips for how to land new accounts. 

Patricia is upfront about the most common challenges that she sees people struggle with, and how she helps her community break though mindset blocks to create a successful side hustle. She knows firsthand what it’s like to dismantle limiting belief systems and we touch on how she’s learning to embrace the label of ‘powerful woman.’ Chris and I always stress the importance of having multiple streams of income, especially in today’s economy, so listen in to hear about this amazing opportunity! 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 1:01 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is joined by Patricia Carlin. 

( 5:27 ) Patricia joins the conversation. 

( 8:46 ) Lori asks Patricia, “Where are people actually making money? How do people make money? What are some of the ways that you think are smart right now?” 

( 13:24 ) Lori asks Patricia, “I want to know your zone of genius in what you're doing. When you started to realize that your skill set ended and how did you go find the person to fill in that gap?”

( 15:30 ) Lori asks Patricia, “Being an enroller, do you think it opens you up to more businesses? Or do you think being someone who can really manage the backend opens you up? Or is it always just trying to find a person who could fill in the gap?”

( 17:29 ) Lori asks Patricia, “What's something that held you back or was a disempowering belief that you figured out for yourself?”

( 21:04 ) Lori asks Patricia, “Just share with us some of the success that you've had, unapologetically.”

( 26:38 ) Lori shouts out Indeed for sponsoring today’s episode. 

( 29:07 ) Lori asks Patricia, “What would the 12-year-old you right now say to yourself if she just walked through your door right now and wanted to give you a message about who you are today?”

( 32:00 ) Lori asks Patricia, “What are some beliefs that you had growing up that felt very real and true that you have had to change and let go of in order to become the successful woman that you are today?”

( 36:56 ) Lori asks Patricia, “What is the payments industry?”

( 38:31 ) Lori asks Patricia, “Tell me a little bit about what made you want to start that company, but then also, what made you want to say, hey, I can teach people how to make money doing this?”

( 42:55 ) Lori thanks Beis for sponsoring today’s episode.

( 48:33 ) Lori asks Patricia, “What does that look like? What goes into it? What should people expect around the workload?”

( 52:16 ) Lori asks Patricia, “Where do you see people needing more support?”

( 57:21 ) Lori asks Patricia, “If someone is interested, how can they join? Where can they find you?”

( 59:05 ) Lori asks Patricia, “Is there anything that we did not cover that you want to share?”

( 1:01:05 ) Lori asks listeners to tag @meetthecarlins and let her know their biggest takeaway from the episode.