1012. How To Pivot In Your Career With Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield is one of my go-to friends when I want advice about how to make the right pivot and become a better business leader. She’s an online marketing expert who poured all of her wisdom into her new book, Two Weeks Notice, which is a step-by-step guide on how to transition out of your current job and start thinking like a business owner. 

In our conversation, Amy walks us through some of the major takeaways from the book, including how to find your ‘sweet spot’ business idea and set yourself up for success. We look back on our scrappy beginnings and talk about how that process helped us discover what ideas were truly aligned and worth going all-in on.  

Because I think everyone should have this book, we’re giving away a copy to the first 10 people who share this episode on Instagram and tag @amyporterfield and @loriharder. Don’t forget to let us know your biggest takeaway from this episode!


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(0:23) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is joined by Amy Porterfield. 

(5:14) Lori asks Amy, “Why this book and why right now?”

(7:26) Lori asks Amy, “If somebody is listening to this who is at a nine-to-five, how do they decide when to quit?”

(14:07) Lori asks Amy, “What’s your advice for people who don’t know what they want to do or what they’re good at?”

(17:16) Lori asks Amy, “Tell me about your action plan checklist.”

(19:37) Lori asks Amy, “Once we have our ideas on how to strategize what we want, what’s next?”

(23:50) Lori asks Amy, “What do you think is the percentage that even if you showed up this much per day, it could still get you there?”

(26:34) Lori asks Amy, “What's your 10% edge idea?”

(27:40) Lori asks Amy, “Do you remember one of your first offers that you put out there?”

(31:37) Lori asks Amy, “Are boss traps and un-bossing the same thing?”

(33:21) Lori asks Amy, “I would love for you to speak on what the journey actually looks like, and how much failure is a part of it.”

(39:33) Lori asks Amy, “Any last words for the audience?”