866. Building A Business: How To Reach Out To Investors

Lauren and I are back with another BTS of building a business from the ground up! We’re talking all about female investors and building strategic partnerships. I share the moment that I realized that I wanted to expand the mission of Lite Pink and build this company with other powerful women. We discuss how to reach out to investors who bring value, audience, platform, skillset, and enthusiasm to your vision, and the role that their investment plays in your accountability and persistence. We also chat about why I decided to raise money instead of going the self-funded route and give a sneak peek at other conversations that you all can expect from upcoming episodes in this series. 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 0:30 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

( 1:53 ) Lauren introduces the topic of today’s episode, which is all about female investors and strategic partnerships. 

( 2:03 ) Lauren asks Lori, “When did you know that you wanted all female investors, and why?”

( 6:54 ) Lauren asks Lori, “What made you learn to start figuring out which people you wanted to look for, and how you wanted them to be strategic and play a part in Lite Pink rather than just finding any random person that was a name that was thrown around to you?”

( 10:56 ) Lori explains exactly what she’s looking for in an investor. 

( 16:08 ) Lauren and Lori discuss the main reasons why she looked for capital funding and didn’t self-fund Lite Pink. 

( 19:07 ) Lori says, “When we are just busting down the same damn wall or feel like we are so stuck, these women either help us, give us answers, give us a new person, or we ask them questions and they give us guidance.”

( 21:35 ) Lori asks Lauren, “When did you really get what we were doing?”

( 24:03 ) Lori talks about the role that Lauren has played in building Lite Pink. 

( 26:00 ) Listeners can tag @drinklitepink and let Lori and Lauren know their biggest takeaways from the episode or ask questions for future episodes.