961. Setting Yourself Apart In A Saturated Industry

Nicole Winhoffer is a world-renowned fitness artist, coach, and healer. In her signature NWMethod™, she combines the art of inner expression, spirituality, and fitness. We dive into how to tap into your inner sparkle, what chakras are and how she incorporates them into her work, and her top tips for raising your vibration. 

Nicole and I chat about how she broke into the professional dance industry and eventually set herself up to become a celebrity trainer. She illustrates the power of the mind-body connection and we get really candid about cultivating self-love and a gentle inner-voice. We also talk about tools for creating boundaries and overcoming people-pleasing tendencies. 

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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 0:45 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Lori is joined by Nicole Winhoffer on today’s episode. 

( 3:10 ) Nicole joins the conversation. 

( 3:52 ) Lori asks Nicole, “Tell me about how you got started with creating a method.”

( 5:52 ) Lori asks Nicole, “When you were creating this method, how did you transition to teaching it to other people?”

( 8:08 ) Lori asks Nicole, “How did you position yourself to become a celebrity trainer?”

( 10:30 ) Lori asks Nicole, “How do you create your own energy every single day?”

( 12:50 ) Lori asks Nicole, “Can you tell me about your experience learning your boundaries and how to say no to people? And were you scared when you first said no?”

( 15:26 ) Lori asks Nicole, “What was the narrative in your head that you had to change?”

( 16:24 ) Lori asks Nicole, “How have you created a relationship with staying motivated and achieving and being really goal-oriented, and also allowing and loving yourself?”

( 19:36 ) Lori asks Nicole, “How did you set yourself apart from all of the other trainers out there to get the attention that you got?”

( 21:42 ) Lori shouts out Indeed, the sponsor of today’s episode. 

( 23:40 ) Lori asks Nicole, “What are some of the questions that you would ask me to help me find my sparkle?”

( 26:49 ) Lori asks Nicole, “I know that you love to talk about chakras and do some teaching on chakras and bring that into your work. First of all, for anyone who's not super familiar, what are they? And how do you incorporate it into your work?”

( 32:11 ) Lori asks Nicole, “How can we get everything up where we just feel better?”

( 37:14 ) Lori asks Nicole, “Is there anything that's on your heart that you want people to know before we wrap up?”

( 39:08 ) Lori asks Nicole, “What is your Instagram handle?”

( 39:21 ) I know that you have your NW method. If anybody's interested in doing that, where can they go?