The Importance of REST While Chasing a Goal

Why Taking Time to Rest is Just as Important Hustling

Have you ever gotten burnt out working on a project or shooting for your next big goal? Its probably because you didn't realize
that the sprint and hustle are equally important as your rest and recovery. Its important to take your foot off the gas sometimes to rest and allow your body and mind to recover. Now, don't get me wrong here, its absolutely okay and encouraged to sprint, hustle, and push yourself. However, sometimes you get so wrapped up in the sprint of something that it could cause you to burn out.

We all want to avoid the burnout, right? So what should we do?

First, make sure your hustle and sprint is effective. Planning is key here. You need to go into the hustle with a plan on how you are going to attack things, this will keep you on track and make this time more productive allowing you to rest easy on your rest days.

Second, to go along with the planning, PLAN when your rest day will be and how you will utilize it. Massage, hiking, family time, read, etc…whatever will take your mind off of the sprint and let you come down from the hustle high.

Third, CELEBRATE! Celebrate the accomplishments so far and the small wins along the way. This is vital! If you don't stop to rest and celebrate, all your hustle will run together and this is when the burnout occurs. You lose your inspiration, your passion for what and WHY you are hustling in the first place.

So what will your next rest day look like? What will you being doing to celebrate?!

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