Find Your Community and Build Your Tribe with Lori Harder and Lewis Howes


  • The foundation of authentic relationships
  • Recognizing where you overextend or abandon yourself
  • Reclaiming your energy so you can focus on your true mission
  • Mindset tools to build resilience and let go of results
  • One of the most impactful strategies Lewis covers in The Greatness Mindset
  • The #1 lesson Lewis learned from his father and how it shows up in his latest book



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Chris and I recently caught up with one of our greatest mentors, Lewis Howes. His masterminds, books, and podcast have been complete game-changers for us and we’re so excited to dive into his latest project, The Greatness Mindset: Unlock the Power of Your Mind and Live Your Best Life Today.

We break down the best ways to create a powerful network, how to overcome the fear of judgment, and why it’s so important to celebrate life. Lewis also reveals the one practice he’s implemented recently that’s given him so much energy and freedom. Plus, we cover strategies for releasing the need to win and genuinely enjoying the pursuit of your goals.


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(0:34) Welcome back to another episode of Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori and Chris are joined by Lewis Howes.

(3:24) Lori asks Lewis, “What three things are you grateful for right now?”

(4:28) Chris asks Lewis, “Who have been some of the biggest advocates for you along your journey?”

(5:34) Chris asks Lewis, “What’s the key to building a great network?”

(9:37) Lori asks Lewis, “What’s a belief that you used to have in your life that has drastically changed?”

(14:56) Lori asks Lewis, “Did you have a specific mantra that you kind of clung to?”

(19:48) Chris asks Lewis, “What was it like the first time you had to not show up the way that someone expected?”

(25:09) Chris asks Lewis, “Do you feel like you have a lot more energy?”

(27:01) Lori asks Lewis, “How many people have you reached by now?”

(27:38) Chris asks Lewis, “What are you most proud of? And then also, what is that one thing that you wish you would have accomplished by now?”

(40:53) Chris asks Lewis, “What’s the best strategy in this book that people can use?”

(44:26) Lori asks Lewis, “You have four steps in your book to help people change their mindset.  Are you in one right now?”

(47:25) Lori asks Lewis, “What are some openers that you have in your relationship now?”

(49:23) Chris asks Lewis, “What is something in The Greatness Mindset that your father would be so proud that you’re passing on that maybe that he passed on to you?

(51:39) Lewis asks Chris, “What was something your dad taught you?”

(53:46) Chris asks Lewis, “How will you know you’ve lived your best life?”

(54:29) Chris asks Lewis, “Who did you write this book for?”

(55:33) Chris announces that he and Lori are giving away a free copy of The Greatness Mindset to the first 100 people that share this episode on Instagram, tag @lewishowes@loriharder & @chriswharder and let them know their biggest takeaway.